Interface FilterTuple

All Superinterfaces:
Cloneable, QueryModelNode, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
ExclusiveGroup, ExclusiveStatement, FedXStatementPattern, StatementSourcePattern

public interface FilterTuple extends QueryModelNode
Expressions implementing this interface can apply some FilterValueExpr during evaluation.
Andreas Schwarte
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  • Method Details

    • hasFilter

      boolean hasFilter()
      true if this expression has a filter to apply
    • addFilterExpr

      void addFilterExpr(FilterExpr expr)
      register a new filter expression. If the expr has already a filter registered, the new expression is added to a ConjunctiveFilterExpr.
      expr -
    • addBoundFilter

      void addBoundFilter(String varName, Value value)
      register a filter that can be directly expressed as a binding, e.g. SELECT * WHERE { ?s p o . FILTER (?s = X) } is equivalent to SELECT * WHERE { X p o . }
      varName -
      value -
    • getFilterExpr

      FilterValueExpr getFilterExpr()
      the currently registered filter expressions, usually of type FilterExpr or ConjunctiveFilterExpr
    • getFreeVars

      List<String> getFreeVars()
      the free variables of this expression
    • getBoundFilters

      BindingSet getBoundFilters()
      Returns bound filter bindings, that need to be added as additional bindings to the final result
      the bound filters, or null