RDF4J 2.4.0 Milestone 3 available

The third milestone build for the upcoming RDF4J 2.4 release, RDF4J 2.4.0-M3, is now available for download and testing. Changes in this milestone include extensive improvements in GeoSPARQL support, and several bug fixes in the Rio parser IRI validation.

RDF4J 2.4 includes several new features and improvements, including:

  • Several improvements to the RDF4J Console, including command history, a convert and an export command.
  • RDF4J SparqlBuilder, a new fluent API for creating SPARQL queries in Java
  • Enhanced JSON-LD support with hierarchical JSON-LD writing
  • Improved GeoSPARQL support
  • Lucene and Solr support upgraded to version 6.6
  • ElasticSearch support upgraded to version 5.6
  • An official RDF4J Server/Workbench docker image
  • Improvements to the experimental SHACL implementation