Ontotext release GraphDB 8 with RDF4J support

Ontotext have announced the release of GraphDB 8, the eighth major version of its semantic graph database. GraphDB 8 implements the latest Eclipse RDF4J API to serve users who need high availability, scalability, and premium support. For more information on features and how to obtain GraphDB 8, read the company’s announcement.

We congratulate Ontotext on this major new release, and on being the first major database vendor to transition their flagship product to RDF4J!

RDF4J 2.1.2 released

We are pleased to announce RDF4J 2.1.2. This is a patch release, containing 2 bug fixes. See the RDF4J 2.1.2 release notes for details.

We simultaneously released RDF4J 2.0.3, a patch release intended for project unwilling to upgrade to 2.1 at this point, and RDF4J 1.0.3, a Java 7 back-port of the latest 2.0.x release. Both releases contain the same two fixes as 2.1.2, and three additional fixes that have been carried over from 2.1. See the 2.0.3 release notes for details.