RDF4J 2.4.5 released

We are pleased to announce Eclipse RDF4J 2.4.5

Release 2.4.5 is a patch release including 2 bug fixes:

  • fix for NativeStore file system leak: make sure that the transaction cache files actually get deleted on MS-Windows
  • fix calculation of hash functions in SPARQL: always use UTF8 (as per specification), instead of the platform’s default charset


RDF4J 2.4.4 released

We are pleased to announce Eclipse RDF4J 2.4.4

Release 2.4.4 is a patch release covering bug fixes and a workaround for an OpenJDK 8 ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor bug:

  • fix for a NPE on transaction UPDATE with wrong MIME type
  • fix for SPARQL function SECONDS() to also return fractions of seconds
  • fix for memory leak in remote transactions

Workaround for JDK-8129861: high processor load: setting the property -Dorg.eclipse.rdf4j.client.executors.jdkbug will use 1 core thread (instead of 0) for clients, to avoid a 100% CPU load even when doing nothing.