RDF4J Databases

The RDF4J framework provides a set of vendor-neutral APIs for highly scalable storage, reasoning, and retrieval of RDF and OWL. Here, we list some available third-party database solutions that implement the RDF4J APIs, and are developed by major contributors to the RDF4J project.

Ontotext GraphDB™

Ontotext GraphDB™ (formerly OWLIM) is a leading RDF Triplestore built on OWL (Ontology Web Language) standards.  GraphDB handles massive loads, queries and OWL inferencing in real time. Ontotext offers GraphDB in several editions, including  GraphDB™ Free, GraphDB™ Standard and GraphDB™ Enterprise. Since release 8, GraphDB is fully compatible with the RDF4J framework.

Sesame-compatible databases

Not all RDF database solutions available have upgraded their offering from Sesame to RDF4J yet. Here we list database solutions that have Sesame support, but which have not yet been upgraded to RDF4J. Please let your favorite database developer know that you want them to upgrade as soon as possible.


Stardog is a fast, lightweight, pure Java RDF store for mission-critical apps. It supports highly scalable storage and retrieval as well as OWL reasoning.

Systap Blazegraph™

Blazegraph™ (formerly known as Bigdata) is an enterprise graph database by Systap, LLC that provides a horizontally scaling storage and retrieval solution for very large volumes of RDF.


CumulusRDF is an RDF store on a cloud-based architecture. CumulusRDF provides a REST-based API with CRUD operations to manage RDF data. The current version uses Apache Cassandra as storage backend.

MarkLogic Sesame API

The MarkLogic Sesame API is a full-featured, easy-to-use interface, that provides access to the MarkLogic triplestore via the Sesame/RDF4J APIs. It offers several additional features such as permissions, and combination queries. More details can be found in the MarkLogic Developer documentation.

Other Sesame-compatible storage solutions

  • Sesame Adapter for Oracle Database is an Oracle-developed adapter component for accessing Oracle Semantic Technolgies via the Sesame/RDF4J APIs.
  • Virtuoso Sesame Provider is an OpenLink-developed component that allows accessing an OpenLink Virtuoso triplestore via the Sesame/RDF4J APIs.
  • Strabon is a geospatial RDF triplestore based on Sesame/RDF4J.