RDF4J 2.4.0 Milestone 2 available

The second milestone build for the upcoming RDF4J 2.4 release, RDF4J 2.4.0-M2, is now available for download and testing. Changes in this milestone include support for hierarchical JSON-LD writing, and several bug fixes, including a hotfix for a Rio parser issue that prevented processing poorly formatted Wikidata files.

RDF4J 2.4 includes several new features and improvements, including:

  • Several improvements to the RDF4J Console, including command history, a convert and an export command.
  • RDF4J SparqlBuilder, a new fluent API for creating SPARQL queries in Java
  • Enhanced JSON-LD support with hierarchical JSON-LD writing
  • Lucene and Solr support upgraded to version 6.6
  • ElasticSearch support upgraded to version 5.6
  • An official RDF4J Server/Workbench docker image
  • Improvements to the experimental SHACL implementation